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Once upon a time….me and my mum were sitting in the living room and were talking about my dead grandmum who was living wiht us, in our house, but in the first floor (she had a separate “flat”).

And I had a idea: “We could rebuild this down stairs flat and rent it.” Mum agried….

So now there are workers and they dig, ruin walls etc…you know, these stuff what workers do…

There are still some funny stories about them.

(First thing I have to say: I have dog. His name is Ben, he doesn´t listen to anybody, but we still love him, beacuse he is too sute to be hated.)

When are downstairs workers, Ben is locked behind the gate, so he can´t get anywhere. But these men didn´t know it. They opened the gate and ben escaped…and he ran away. They were hunting him for 15 minutes around our street (Ben looks a little like cute fat pig..bit he runs really quickly).

Unfortunately I didn´t see this accident, but I wish, I was there…

btw, Ben was soooo happy, that he has new frieds for playing hunting game.


Written by addictedonfashion

September 22, 2008 at 2:38 pm

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